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Wonders believes children develop and learn through play in a nurturing and diverse community. We are a nonprofit provider of accredited early childhood education, before and after school care, and summer camp with flexible programs, for children ages two months through sixth grade.
We periodically bring news and resources to parents reflecting our approach to learning.
The cost of childcare is high. For many families, childcare can exceed the amount paid for a mortgage. Yet, salaries and hourly wages in the field don't reflect high tuition rates. Why does this financial gap exist? Why do families pay so much while employees of childcare centers receive so little?  This video explains just that.

Wonders Early Learning + Extended Day works tirelessly to provide families with tuition assistance while also ensuring we remain in the top 25% of our field of employee salaries and benefits. We know how valuable early learning and extended day programs are and we always want these programs to be accessible and manageable for our families - without costing our educators. Through tuition assistance programs and through our fundraising efforts, Wonders excels at meeting the needs of everyone in our community. 
Family Book
Preschool Starter Kit
Transitioning to early learning, preschool, pre-k... here’s what you need to know.