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Wonders Extended Day at


Wonders Extended Day 
at Bethesda
4 - 11 Years 
Before Care: 7:00 am - first bell + After Care dismissal bell- 6:30 pm
Full-day Care: 7:00 am- 6:30 pm
7600 Arlington Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Program Director: Ebony Ellis
Assistant Program Director: Kyria Woodard
Phone: 301-654-6003
Fax: 301-657-4973
  • Grab and go snacks provided.
  • Outdoor play is promoted as much as possible, incorporating cooperative play, group games, and free play.
  • Continued mask-wearing, social distancing, and frequent hand washing will be enforced.
Program Overview
Wonders Neighborhood
Fondly referred to as the “Wonders Neighborhood,” this Wonders school-age program serves children from Bethesda Elementary. Wonders offers flexible enrollment options and provides before care starting at 7:00 am and after-school care until 6:30 pm Monday through Friday.

We offer full-day programs when school is closed and half-day programs on early dismissal days.
Wonders at Bethesda is an active community of teachers and children who play and create active games, climb and play on the playground, have quiet time for homework, and explore arts and crafts every afternoon.
The primary goal of our school-age program is to create communities for children and their families that are fun, nurturing, and enriching. Children are active learners.

Wonders at Bethesda provides an environment where children can safely grow through self-guided and structured play. In addition to fostering imagination, play challenges children to expand social, emotional, and intellectual tools. School-age teachers carefully plan the program to balance homework with exercise and promote healthy eating habits.
Wonders at Bethesda Curriculum
The before-school program is designed as a gentle transition time from home to school. Children have the opportunity to read, finish homework, play board games or create artwork. Outside time and active games are also offered.
Wonders’ after-school program curriculum is built around the concepts of friendship and being a good sport. Activities are designed to create opportunities for all children to explore and experience in ways that are meaningful to them. 
Activities incorporate seven learning areas: language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, personal and social development, physical development, and the arts. The afternoon is a blend of child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities including outdoor play, afternoon snack, group time, choice times, homework, and reading time.
On days when schools have scheduled early dismissal or are closed, we provide a half or full-day program. These longer days give us the opportunity to enhance our programming by planning special events, inviting specialists in to share their expertise or exploring the larger community on field trips.
Wonders believes in programming that offers an array of opportunities and resources to children and families. In addition to our engaging curriculum, a variety of valuable services are included in our monthly tuition, including:
  • Student government positions
  • Student organized carnival days
  • Annual fundraisers with Bethesda Elementary Green Team
  • Field Trips 
  • Full and half-day programming if your child's regular schedule falls on a day when schools are closed
  • Intramural sports
  • Clubs
  • Supervised homework time
  • Family fun events
  • Parent workshops
  • Consultation and support from Child Development Consultants, Inc.
  • Daily healthy snacks
This inclusive philosophy ensures that enrolled children can fully participate in all activities that are offered.