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Wonders Early Learning + Extended Day


Wonders Professional Development Consortium is a Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) certified training organization. 
Our Mission 
To Provide:
  • Reflective learning experiences that support adults who are committed to creating effective environments for children’s learning and development.
  • Evidence-based courses for early childhood and school-age professionals that encourage critical thinking and intentional teaching around relationships, democracy, equity, and social justice.
  • Coursework designed to respect the adult learner that includes opportunities for ongoing reflection, support, and networking.
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Wonders Professional Development Consortium is excited to be offering both virtual and small group, in-person training options.  
Workshops for Parents and Families

Wonders Professional Development Consortium is excited to offer a new series of parent and family workshops. Beginning in February 2021, we will have a new topic each month. Workshops will be presented by experts from Child Development Consultants.

Wednesday, May 19th 8 - 8:30pm EST
Strategies for Healthy Eating Habits and Ways to Encourage Picky Eaters

How can parents reduce eating struggles and support healthy eating? What are practical strategies that parents can use to help children eat a varied diet and make mealtimes fun? This workshop will cover these frequently asked questions and more!

Workshops for Early Childhood Professionals and School-Age Educators

Wonders Professional Development Consortium is proud to offer high quality workshops for educators. We partner with the best in the field to provide the community with current, research based information. Our goal is to provide up to date training topics that make an impact on todays early learning communities.

3 MSDE Approved COK Hours - Monday, August 16 - 9am - 12pm EST
Growing As A Transformational Leader

Using the works of Margie Carter, Deb Curtis, Judy Jablon, Brene Brown and more, Jacky Howell will be presenting this session and will focus on the qualities needed to be an optimistic and transformational leader.

3 MSDE Approved COK Hours
How to Create Experience WITH Children Rather Than For Them

In the field of early childhood education, the focus has often been on planning an activity FOR children that is focused on coming up with a product or focused on information . This session presented by author, consultant, and DAP expert, Jacky Howell, will help you and your staff members experience a shift in thinking about creating experiences that are meaningful, engaging, and interactive.

2.5 MSDE Approved COK Hours: 1.5 Health, Safety & Nutrition + 1 Professionalism
Well-Being + Self-Care: Creating A Path To A Better You

As teachers, we continually utilize our ability develop emotional intelligence such as listening, empathy and communication, enhancing wellbeing and ability to work with others. This workshop aims to provide an understanding of why we face challenges in our self-care and strategize ways to measurably begin cultivating an inner change that can lead to greater success in outward relationships and interactions.

Wonders Professional Development Institute - 5+ MSDE Approved COK hours of Training at Your Site or Ours!
Leadership in Early Learning

A custom training day designed for your specific program needs. Contact us for more information!

3 Hours - Professionalism MSDE Approved COK
Team Building for Today's Team

This training offers an in-depth exploration into the benefits and challenges of working with teams and offers examples of effective ways to facilitate positive team interactions.

3 hours - MSDE Approved COK
Proactive, Positive + Responsive Behavior Guidance

A practical guide for teachers to implement positive behavior guidance strategies to identify individual and whole classroom needs in order to help support children and teachers in having a successful day.

3 hours - Child Growth & Development and Curriculum - MSDE Approved COK
Competitive to Cooperative: Engaging Games For All Children

Are you looking to learn more about supporting social and emotional learning through cooperative play? This workshop will identify techniques to promote teamwork, relationship building and empathy and helping children to develop gross and fine motor skills all while having fun.

3 Hours - Professionalism - MSDE COK Approved
Anti-Bias and Equity in the Early Learning Classroom

This workshop is designed to prepare each participant to lead their respective organizations in the development of a framework for equity. This workshop will: - include strategies for developing and communicating a compelling story about why this work is important and timely for your organization/program - identify the right leaders to join in this effort - review and explain the anti-bias education goals for adults and children and how they affect your work - practice critical thinking when applying anti-bias education (A.B.E.) concepts to your own classrooms and programs

2 Hours
Indoor Games and Activities for Inclement Weather days

When inclement weather hits, the challenge to channel the energy the children bring can be overwhelming at times. This interactive session will provide ten indoor games/activities you will be able to implement into your program on the days the weather outside is not cooperating. Prepare to be active!

3 hours - MSDE COK approved
Creating Conversations with Kids

Presented by Child Development Consultants, this training identifies ways teachers can create opportunities to facilitate conversations in young learners. Speech and language ages + stages are introduced. Specific strategies to support a variety of learners, including those with individual differences and those learning English as a second language, are discussed.

3 Hours - Health, Safety & Nutrition - MSDE COK Approved
Basic Health & Safety & Breastfeeding Awareness

Virtual and in person training options available. Contact us to schedule your training!

2.5 Hours - Virtual or In Person
Starting Your Year Right - Building Classroom Community

Presented by Jacky Howell, this OSSE approved workshop is designed to help educators understand why creating a classroom community benefits ALL.

The Wonders Mentor Program
The Wonders Mentor Program, a part of our Professional Development Consortium, focuses on modeling, coaching, and reflection. Liza Pringle, former Wonders headteacher and assistant director, leads the early childhood education mentor program, working directly with teachers and mentoring in the classrooms to further advance our teaching practices. The school-age mentor program takes advantage of the expertise of Wonders program directors who have recently participated in training on the facilitation of the professional development learning process. As with our professional development coursework, our mentor program integrates reflective learning practices.