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Wonders is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Supporting Today’s Workforce While Creating Tomorrow’s
Over the years our commitment has been unwavering – meaningful connections between children and teachers, engaging learning environments, dedication to working families, and investment in professional careers for our teachers and staff.


Wonders is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donations allow us to continue to provide the quality Early learning and Extended Day services. Our community of donors help ensure that we are able to provide high quality programs that families need and children deserve.
Wonders is currently operating 5 of our 8 programs. Each at a much reduced capacity. Our tuition revenue in September 2020 is 20% of what it was in September 2019. Our staffing expenses are down only 40% due to ratio requirements and our commitment to high quality education and care. These numbers tell an important story. While we monitor and manage these challenging numbers, we also celebrate the immeasurable joyful learning that is happening every day. We believe there is Strength in Wonders.
We ask that you help us continue to support our staff and strengthen and sustain Wonders while we navigate the next 10 months. The outpouring from current parents, both in terms of financial support and moral support has been heartwarming. Our board is digging deep this year, as well, to do what they can – even during this economically challenging time. We realize that many families are hurting financially at this time but if you are in a position to help, we ask that you join in strengthening Wonders.
As a nonprofit, Wonders has employed a variety of tactics to ensure that we not only remain open, but emerge from this crisis stronger than before. A combination of federal loans, county grants, city grants, a foundation grant, donations, and furloughs has enabled Wonders to get to this point. Wonders is more fortunate than most. Through careful stewardship over the years, we have managed to save a modest amount in a reserve fund. We are now having to draw upon that fund to close the gap between tuition and expenses.
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We believe the work of early care and education and before and after school programs has a direct impact on how children think of themselves as life-long learners and responsible members of a community. As a nonprofit, we invest in our teachers, who are integral to the quality of our programs. It is our mission to provide programs that are accessible and affordable to as many families as possible.