Nurturing New Moms

By Rebecca Gale

Wonders was featured in an article written by journalist, Rebecca Gale, “Nurturing New Moms: Child Care Centers are Becoming a New Frontier for Postpartum Support,” which was published on page 172 of the May/June issue of Bethesda Magazine. The article highlights the recent post-partum training Wonders Early Learning educators received by Postpartum Support International (PSI), to provide Wonders educators with insight on how to recognize signs of postpartum mood disorders and provide resources that can be shared with families. Liza Pringle, Wonders Early Learning Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, noted, “We can take this on. Parents can know they aren’t alone. We just need to be informed so we know the next steps to give them help.” Access the digital article in the May/June 2024 Digital Edition on MoCo360!