Handy Family Book

When we created the Handy Family Book ten years ago, our goal was to compile all of the useful and essential information that families might need while their children are enrolled at Wonders. We hope that you will take a few moments to review this year’s edition and that you will keep it handy throughout the year.

Most of the policies and procedures that you will find in the Handy Book are required by state licensing and accreditation standards. Several Wonders procedures have been developed over the years, with the input of families and staff, who provide us with valuable annual feedback and ongoing input. We appreciate this partnership and want to continue to strengthen the work that we do together. If you have questions about any aspect of the Handy Book, please contact me.

Wonders teachers and directors will keep you informed of classroom and program activities and other Wonders news all year long. We hope that in addition to reading this Handy Book, you will read the e-newsletters and keep up to date with the many happenings through our website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter feeds. While we love the various ways that we can use technology to connect with you, what we like best is saying hello each day.

All the best for a terrific year and I look forward to seeing you at the many Wonders family events throughout the year.




Joanne Hurt
Executive Director​