A Wondersful History

Wonders child care

Wonders’ mission is to create and advance high quality, diverse educational communities that teach children the foundations of life-long learning and social responsibility.

Seven children. One classroom. That’s how Wonders began in 1976. Today, we have eight sites in Montgomery County and Washington, D.C. Our programs are Early Learning, Extended Day, Summer Camp and after-school enrichment classes.

In 2006 we became known as Wonders – a name which captures all the infinite promise and possibilities inherent in children. In 2016, we are proudly celebrating 40 years!

Wonders Through The Years


Wonders is started with seven children at All Saints’ All Day church.

By 1980, the program grew to serve 45 preschoolers

In the mid to late ’80s, there was a lot of growth. The first school-age program opened at Chevy Chase circle. Before- and after-school programs and summer camp started at Chevy Chase Elementary School, soon after at Somerset Elementary School State. Accreditation was granted to operate a nursery school at Chevy Chase Elementary School. Wonders’ proudly opened it’s second full-day preschool program at Leland Children’s Center.



Throughout the 90s, Wonders grew and lived out our nonprofit mission. While we closed the nursery school at Chevy Chase Elementary School, Kindergarten enrichment program started at Rosemary Hills Primary School. A transitional kindergarten was established at our Chevy Chase circle location.

Before and After School programs expanded to include North Chevy Chase Elementary School and the summer camp consolidated at Somerset Elementary. Then we had a flurry of new programs: before- and after-school at Rosemary Hills Primary School; kindergarten enrichment and before- and after-school at Bethesda Elementary School; followed by Wonders’ first Washington, DC-based program and after-school program starts at Jewish Primary Day School. The Club Fun Intramurals program began.

2000s to present

Before- and after-school programs started at Horace Mann Elementary School in Washington, DC, followed by the Edgemoor Children Center. A kindergarten enrichment program opened at Carderock Elementary School. With the introduction of full day kindergarten throughout Montgomery County, our kindergarten enrichment programs were concluded.

At this time, we officially changed our name to Wonders Child Care Center and in 2016 we proudly celebrate 40 years in child care!

Edgemoor Children’s Center receives accreditation from NAEYC

In 2010,  the Wonders Professional Development Consortium was launched. And in 2011, a tradition was born: the annual Pink Party and Silent Auction kicked off in the spring. (It’s a fun, Fun party you’re welcome to join us!)

More recently, Wonders Summer Camp was relocated to the District first to Edmund Burke School, then to Horace Mann Elementary School. And we now also have summer camp in several places in Montgomery County. Wonders opened the Little Falls Extended day program.

We are dedicated to providing early learning and extended day services and making them as accessible as possible to as many families as we can. Our happy history includes… You and we’d like to say Thank You!