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See what your community is saying about Wonders!

“As a three-kid Wonders family, I can’t rave loudly enough about the program and the Wonders community. We heard about Wonders long before we moved from San Francisco to the D.C. area. In fact, having visited a number of schools, we put our names on the waiting list a year before we moved. Everyone at Wonders was warm. But for us, I was about much more than how welcoming the staff was. As a teacher, I have high standards. In that respect, Wonders stood out. They are an intentional community with a thoughtful curriculum. The teachers really “get” the kids. When our son graduated to ‘real school,’ he was ahead of the curve – not just academically, but in terms of his social-emotional readiness. It’s not easy to teach kindness, empathy and compassion. What they do at Wonders is really profound. At the same time, they allow kids to develop on their own path. In addition, Wonders made me a better parent. I find myself using their “gentle language” – which doesn’t always come naturally to me as a high school teacher! I’ve downloaded the Wonders’ curriculum and shared it with parents who have kids at other preschools because it’s a road map on how to educate a child. And at a time when we were struggling and in need of financial aid, Wonders treated us with dignity.”  –Anna H. (parent)


“As a young widow whose family lives in Europe, I am truly on my own. Wonders is heaven sent. My son goes to before and after care, which allows me to work at my government job from 8 to 4:30. Thankfully we qualified for financial aid; I don’t know what I would have done without it.” – Helnida P. (parent)


“Your excellent and caring staff are what makes Wonders so unique.  We feel so fortunate that our boys are cared for, loved, challenged and nurtured by Gerald and the rest of the incredible team at Chevy Chase Elementary. We look forward to more wonderful years ahead with Wonders.” – Erika S. (parent)







“In kindergarten, Hamal was the only African-American kid in his class. When I began looking for a racially diverse afterschool program, his elementary school recommended Wonders. This is a place that values all children. For instance, Hamal is a very active kid who is convinced, at age seven, that he is the world’s best soccer player. The Wonders staff has the energy – and the patience – to keep him busy, whether through sports, or through cooking classes he would never have taken if it weren’t for this program. I love that I have a son who enjoys soccer and cooking. It was the Wonders staff that recommended that we all – including Hamal – sign a contract saying he would do his homework before participating in other activities. Beyond being good for Hamal, can you imagine what it means to a working mom like me to not have to drive all over town to get my child to this many activities? This is a program sent from heaven.”
– Justine O. (parent)


“The best way to evaluate the program is this: my son is always happy. It’s hard being a working parent. I wouldn’t be able to do my job if it weren’t for Wonders. Having access to quality aftercare makes it possible for me to work a 40-hour week.” – Yvonne S. (parent)


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“Wonders is like a second family. When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, Miciel was the second person I told, after my husband! Wonders strikes the perfect balance between learning and play. A lot of teachers have been at Wonders a long time. You don’t see that at other places. It speaks to their experience and knowledge of the curriculum.” – Midhat P. (parent)