Edie Mossberg


My name is Edie Mossberg, and I am a community (non-Wonders parent) member of the Board. As a life-long educator, I’m proud to be part of this organization. This year, I’m serving on the Marketing Committee helping to spread the word about our programs. (I hope all of you are, too!) Professionally, I’m in the third part of my career. Having been a specialist working with children who had learning challenges, and an early education teacher and director, I now design my own schedule as a consultant.  And that flexible schedule has become particularly meaningful to me lately!

In October, my husband and I became over-the-moon-happy, first-time grandparents. In the months leading up to our granddaughter’s birth, my son and daughter-in-law asked me about choosing childcare. I talked about well-trained, caring teachers; safe practices; a philosophy that appreciates learning through play and values the emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth of children; and that hard-to-define but unmistakable feeling of welcome and warmth that some centers have. In short, I was describing Wonders!

How I wish there was a Wonders program up in my kids’ New England town! That’s where I would want my grandchild to be.

Brian Price

Brian Price_Compressed

Hi there!  I am proud to be in my second year as a member of the Wonders Board of Directors and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I recently moved back to the DC area with my family after living in Los Angeles for 15 years, working as a screenwriter and a Professor of Screenwriting at UCLA.  My wife Celia and I have two sons, Maddox (3 years) and Levi (14 months), both enrolled at Edgemoor (an Angelfish and a Minnow).  

While I keep busy writing, teaching online, and (gasp) commuting up to Yale once a week for a class, I especially enjoy my work with the Wonders staff and community to help ensure the success and longevity of the many Wonders programs, particularly in my role on the Marketing Committee where we deal with everything from fundraising to developing longterm communications strategies.

And speaking of fundraising, I hope that you‘ll join me in supporting the organization that has come to mean so much to me and my family.  Before my experience on the board, I had no idea tuition alone didn’t cover the costs of providing the quality early childhood education that is the hallmark of Wonders.  We hope that you’ll consider a tax deductible contribution, at any time of the year, to Wonders to help ensure families in need have access to tuition assistance, that teachers can benefit from professional development opportunities, and so Wonders will continue to have the resources necessary to provide the learning environment we all want for our kids.

Rebecca Fayed

Rebecca Fayed

Hi! I am Rebecca Fayed and have been a member of the Wonders Board of Directors since 2012.  I currently am the chair of the Marketing committee and previously served as the Vice President and a member of the Strategic Planning committee. 

I also am proud to be a Wonders parent!  My husband, Ramy, and I have two sons.  Zachary is 7 ¾ (that ¾ is very important when you’re that age!) and Jacob is 4 (going on 14!).  Zachary really loves Wonders at Bethesda and on more occassions than I care to admit, has sent me away because I picked him up too early! 

By day, I am the associate general counsel and privacy officer at The Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC., a global research, technology, and consulting firm that helps hospitals and universities better serve patients and students.

I welcome the opportunity to meet more Wonders’ families and would love to hear about your experience so far, answer any questions you have about Wonders, or simply sit down to chat about our kids and life as a parent! Please reach out to me at any time.