Wonders believes children develop and learn through play in a nurturing and diverse community.

We are a nonprofit provider of accredited early childhood education, before and after school care and summer camp with flexible programs, for children ages two months through sixth grade.

A vital aspect of our program is our commitment to multicultural and social justice education. We carefully create an environment that reflects not only the cultures of the families we serve but the world around us.


Wonders mission is to create and advance high quality, diverse educational communities that teach children the foundations of life-long learning and social responsibility.

Vision Statement

To be an innovative non-profit community leader and advocate, recognized for highest quality early learning and extended day education and social responsibility.

Teaching Respect And Acceptance For All People

Wonders strives for an environment of acceptance and respect for all people through our hiring practices, classroom strategies, and relationships with families.

We expect our staff to recognize and value the diversity of family composition, race, gender, religion, culture, intellectual and physical ability, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, beliefs, values, age, and temperament of other staff members as well as the families we serve.

In addition, as an integral part of our program, we promote an inclusive learning environment and guide children to acknowledge and respect individual differences. To this end, the Wonders Diversity Committee—comprised of teachers, directors and administrators—works to ensure that themes of sharing, fairness, and anti-bias are integrated into our always-evolving curriculum.

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For over 40 years Wonders has been providing a safe, nurturing learning environment parents can trust and depend upon.

Our nine locations in Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Washington, DC offer a wide range of developmentally appropriate programs that embrace the cultures of the families and communities that we serve. Comprised of teachers, directors and administrators, our Wonders Diversity Committee works to ensure that themes of sharing, fairness, and anti-bias are integrated into our ever-evolving curriculum.

We are widely acknowledged for our commitment to multicultural education and are proud to be an integral part of the community. We are proudly one of the largest nonprofit early learning and extended day organizations in the greater D.C. area, serving more than 750 families annually.

Financial Assistance Program

Wonders believes all families deserve quality early learning and extended day programs. Thus, we offer long- and short-term financial assistance to those who qualify — ensuring economic diversity as well as accessibility to our programs. You can find more information and an application here.

Wonders Advocacy Work

One of the important tenants of our mission is to advocate for quality child care. Wonders has been actively advocating for quality child care in public facilities in Montgomery County. We believe that children and their families deserve quality programs and that County regulations should support and ensure high standards and quality. 

Wonders Teachers: Committed To Professionalism

Our highly accredited Wonders teachers come from diverse cultural backgrounds and varied work experiences, but share several common traits: across our nine locations, our teachers are creative, mindful, and energetic, and all participate in ongoing professional development through our Professional Development Consortium. In addition, many are pursuing advanced child development and education degrees.

We recognize our teachers’ dedication to professionalism by providing a stimulating working environment and competitive salary/benefit packages, which, in turn, has resulted in a highly satisfied staff with low turnover.

Wonders Board of Directors

Wonders has been a nonprofit organization since our founding in 1976 and the Board governs our organization. The Board is made up of volunteer current/alumni parents, community members and experts in the field of child care and education.


Joanne Hurt – Executive Director, Wonders

Renee Blair

Ingmar Broemstrup

Debra Brown

Selma Call

Bill Goldberg


Mary Gross

Brandon Howard

Jay Johnson

Erika Kehl

Kurt Larson

Christine Menendez

Kristalee Overdahl

Sharon Strauss

Michael Strollo

Jorge Uquillas

Tim Wahlers

Jane Wu Brower


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